Ideas Transformed into Reality: Chemistry, Biotech & Beyond

Mares ITX assists researchers fund their innovations and convert them into physical and marketable products. On behalf of Pharmaceutical, Biotech and Chemical enterprises, Mares scouts new technologies spread across selected areas of expertise.

Primarily, this involves supporting:




Start-Up Organizations



Although Mares focuses on Chemical & Biotech products, we are open to innovative ideas tending to other fields as well. Current endeavors include applications for Bromine (Br), applications in Agricultural Chemistry, Flame Retardants and much more.

References (ICL Innovation)

As for our client ICL Innovation, we look for early-stage material technologies in the area of Fertilizers, Food Additives, Coatings and Industrial Biocides. Also, Mares focuses on technologies for ICL Innovation in the DACH Region.

ICL Innovation is a virtual corporate technology incubator. They sponsor R&D projects for academic institutions and start-ups to enhance technology for licensing.


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