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Considering the impact of microbiology, technology and research, we at Mares welcome you to collaborate,
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Dr. Christian van den Bos

– Director

Founded by Dr. Christian van den Bos in 2007, Mares ITX upholds the power of gene therapeutics at the highest level. As the 1st director with the sole intention to serve the Biotech and Pharmaceutical industry, Dr. Christian van den Bos aims to redefine scientific stem cell and gene research & development. At Mares, you get to experience the knowledge and expertise of Dr. Christian van den Bos, who is a Qualified Person (QP) based on European standards.

He has played an active part in developing and upgrading ATMPs for more than 20 years including 10 years in US-based R&D activities. Furthermore, he has served in high-level managerial positions at Lonza (Germany), Cytograft (USA), Symetis (Switzerland & Germany), ViaCell (USA), Kourion (Germany) and Martek Biosciences (USA).

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During his extended career, Dr. Christian has immensely contributed towards different stages of drug development – Initial research to commercial delivery. His most recent track record include:


– Chief Business Advisor

At Mares ITX, Vijayraghavan is responsible for Business Development & Strategic Partnering.

Vijay has over 25 years of experience across industries like Healthcare, Biotech and IT to name a few. Some of his prestigious global clients across India, USA, APAC and Sri Lanka include powerhouses such as TATA, Aditya Birla, Manipal Education & Medical Group.

With a bachelor degree in Economics from LU and a masters from CGU, Vijayraghavan is a specialist in New Market Entry, International Relations and Cross-Culture Domains.

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